FENTY BEAUTY Mean Money/Hustla Baby Highlighter Review

Updated on 20th January 2023 by Asma

When Rihanna released her new highlighters, I knew I had to try one to see if it would be one that would be added to my collection. Due to the massive hype on this product, I ordered Rihanna’s FENTY BEAUTY KILLAWATT Freestyle Highlighter –Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby, and I’m so glad that I did – this product is amazing!

Though there are a total of six different Killawatts of which four have dual highlighters in them, and the other two are single highlighters, I thought id try the Mean Money/Hustla Baby.

It has quickly become one of my most used highlighters; it is pigmented and leaves the skin with a glow. It blends so well on the skin and stays on all day. The highlighter has a warm, peachy tone to it, I didn’t find it glittery like other highlighters I have used in the past. I use the duo together, and other times just use one side.

There are many ways this can be applied. You can either use your fan brush to apply this or use your fingertips to dab it on, especially in the corner of the eyes. Other methods that I have tried is by spraying some MAC fixing spray on the brush and then applying the highlighter. I have also occasionally used this as an eyeshadow just to tap on top, and it did work for me. I found the highlighter is different in textures and similar in colours, and one is actually a toned-down version of the other.

The best thing about this compact Fenty highlighter is you can use one side for daytime, and the other side for nighttime, both of their textures are beautifully soft, and there is something for every skin colour.

FENTY BEAUTY Mean MoneyHustla Baby Highlighter skin tones and shades

The packaging on this product is very unique, Rihanna has gone for a completely different-shaped highlighter instead of the standard round-shaped ones. When the outer box is removed, you get this octagon shape white product with labelling. Again, the octagon is not at all a common shape for makeup products. All her outer packaging is in Black and white making it very elegant and sleek looking.

I would say the Fenty Mean Money is the subtle one, and Hustla Baby is more of the blinding one. Overall this highlighter performs very well, especially I’ve found on an Asian / Indian skin type, leaving the skin with a long-lasting glow.