Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation Review

Updated on 20th January 2023 by Asma

A brilliant foundation that stays matt all day, what I love most about the Dior Backstage Face and Body is how dewy it makes my skin look. It gives a smooth natural effect and covers any light imperfections on the face.

I have tried this foundation using a brush and a beauty blender, and personally think the beauty blender gives the best finish overall. I apply it with the brush onto my face and then use the beauty blender to smooth it all out.

As the formula of this foundation is very light, I would say you generally need more than one layer of this. I noticed that when I had this Dior foundation on without any primer or powder, it didn’t last as long as I would’ve liked it to, and my oily zones showed more than usual.

However, as I do love the Dior Backstage foundation much more than I thought I would, I usually apply the primer first and then the foundation, followed by powdering the face for a natural finish.

I think that if you have a good skin routine and have moisturised your face and it is prepped well, this foundation applies very well. I will be taking this product on my next holiday out in the heat, as I want to compare this to the MAC Face and Body which I have always used on my previous holidays.

Regarding shade matching, I had to go in and get colour tested for this one, as the shade range for me was difficult to guess online. The kind lady at the counter matched me to shade, and this has worked well.

Currently retailing at £29.50, I think the price is average for a high-end foundation. In all, I’m so far pleased with the results that I have seen. and will continue to use this with my clients.

Have you tried the Dior Backstage foundation before or any other Dior makeup, perhaps? Tell me what you think in the comments below. Anything else you’d like to see me try in the future?